Compost Pricing

We are proud to offer our products to you with multiple pick up and delivery options.

  • Our retail yard is located at 8001 Table Rock Rd., White City
  • Our hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday
  • We offer Saturday pick ups April through July from 8:00 am to 12:00
  • We deliver
  • Questions Please Call Allen (541)301-1873


Rogue Fine Compost
Our Rogue Fine Compost is good for potting mixes, top-dressing and as seed starter for lawns. It’s Lab tested and OMRI Listed.

Rogue Medium Compost
Our Rogue Medium Compost is screened a little larger than Rogue Fine Compost. Contractors and Landscapers use it to amend soils before topdressing with Rogue Fine Compost. Used as soil amendment before lawn or sod. It mixes well with soil in planting beds.

Growers Blend
Our Growers Blend  potting soil is made with OMRI listed Compost, Aged Forest Bark, Pumice.This soil may require additional amendments depending on your exact requirements. Feed your plants with Natural ingredients.

Growers Blend Extreme

Our Growers Blend Extreme uses Peat Moss instead of Aged Bark. As with all of our products, each site, care of the plant and type of plant grown will influence your results. Feed your plants with Natural Ingredients.

ItemRetailBulk Wholesale
Bag$3.99 each----------
Rogue Fine Compost$28 per yard$28 per yard
Rogue Medium Compost$25 per yard$25 per yard

Red Bark$20 per yard----------
Aged Forest Bark------------$20 per yard
Blend Extreme
------------$110 per yard
Growers Blend $45 per yard$45 per yard