Compost Pricing

For compost pricing of loads 5 yards or more, give us a call. We will load your truck or trailer, or we can deliver directly to your site. (We cannot load bulk compost after 3:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday)

Bags$3.99 each
Rogue Fine Compost- 1/2 yard minimum$28 per yard
Rogue Medium Compost -1/2 yard minimum$20 per yard
Bulk load pricing below requires 10 yards or more by appt. from the Dry Creek landfill Compost site
Rogue Fine Compost - 10 yard minimum$20 per yard
Rogue Medium Compost - 10 yard minimum$15 per yard
Rogue Fine Compost is good for potting mixes, top-dressing and as seed starter for lawns.
Rogue Medium Compost is screened a little larger than Rogue Fine Compost. Used as soil amendment before lawn or sod. It mixes well with soil in planting beds. Good for winter mulching around trees and shrubs.