Composting Tips

Composting Tips

Did you know If you have to water your lawn or garden far too often to keep it green, add compost. Adding just ½ inch of Rogue Compost in the spring and fall will improve the overall health of your soil year round.

Do it Yourself!

Learn more composting tips and how to compost on your own at home. Check out our demonstration site next to the Compost Center. A variety of composting methods are shown, complete with pros and cons for each, including the approximate cost.

How’s it made?

Great compost starts right here in the Rogue Valley. Rogue Compost is made 100% from clean, all-natural materials. We make sure there are no fence boards, plywood, or pressure-treated wood of any kind.

  • Rogue Disposal & Recycling Inc. drivers will pick up your leaves, grass clippings, natural vegetation, plant pruning, brush and woody material at your curb in your green lid recycling cart; or during fall through our leaf collection program
  • Green waste is brought to the Landscape Recycling Station at the Transfer & Recycling Station in White City; residents can also drop off green waste on their own for free
  • We sift through all waste to remove plastics, garbage, and other impurities and non-usable materials to ensure it’s clean.
  • Sifted green waste is run through our grinder to break it down into its final size
  • Ground green waste is transported to the Rogue Compost site near the Dry Creek Landfill
  • We bring the compost’s internal temperature to between 140º and 150º for at least 15 days to kill all pathogens and weed seeds
  • Over the next 12 to 18 months, the product is composted, cured, and turned regularly