My Dream Garden

Hi Allen

Last spring I was able to put in my dream garden of vegetables, berries and an orchard. I ordered 13 yards of compost and added this and some organic amendments to the soil. I have gardened for years, but never have I had such a productive, lush, beautiful garden. The crops thrived and I was harvesting vegetables by the bushel.

On a side, there was an area of the garden I hadn’t planned on planting in. Later in the season I was running out of room and wanted to add some more crops. I added the amendments and planted. These crops, though had amendments, didn’t have any of the Rogue compost, and they were stunted and slow to grow. I had the exact same vegetables growing in the next bed over that had the compost and the difference was night and day!  The plants without the compost had leaves that were smaller, they sized up more gradually, and just looked puny.

I already have my order for compost for this spring and I will be applying it everywhere!



Talent, Oregon