Thank you Allen, and all of Rogue Compost for your continued support!

Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching, DIRT, consistently receives the best services and products from Rogue Compost. With the donations of compost from Rogue Compost and soil from Ground Control, DIRT was able to remain consistent with our organic practices and produce some incredible vegetables, flowers, and fun for the children of Central Point. We have successfully converted a 100 year old parking lot in Central Point into an outdoor learning center and garden! We receive many compliments and people are impressed with how productive our plants are. Thanks for helping to facilitate getting dirty at the kids DIRT Park!

DIRT-public-plantingMae Richardson Elementary was feeling the aftermath of the super cold winter of 2014 that killed off many of the plants in the parking lot area of the school. That, along with the dry summer sun baking the earth, MRE was in need of a little DIRT (Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching) face-lift. With the generous donations from Rogue Compost, Ground Control, and Shooting Star Nursery, the students, teachers, and parents at MRE were able to transform the struggling concrete raised beds into beautiful budding displays of the many colors of our region.

Thank you Rogue Compost, we couldn’t do it without your support!

Taneea Browning​
Executive Director
Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching, D.I.R.T.